Tai Chi


- Reduces stress levels                         -Increases mental clarityTraining Tai Chi resized to 300 pixels wide


-Improves emotional and                      -Tones Muscles

overall physical health


-Allows us to "Let Go" of                     -Improves co-ordination

nervous tensions Balances

the energy system throughout

our body


-Improves your circulation                    -Aid your digestion


-Increase your mental alertness             -Makes your joints stronger


-Helps the nervous system                    -Teaches proper breathing techniques


We study the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi is a slow moving, low impact
 Martial Art. It is what is known as an international martial art for it's mental and internal benefits, along with the physical benefits. The Yang style of Tai Chi emphasizes good body posture, along with proper breathing. The form is simply a series  of slow movements which benefit the mind and the body in many subtle ways. The benefits include: relaxation, balance, flexibility, co-ordination, stress relief, physical fitness, proper functioning of the internal organs, and an overall better mental balance. Tai Chi compliments the hard/soft side of the Yin/Yang balance that is constantly needed.

This 2000 year old Chinese Martial Art is one of the most popular exercises in the world today. It is being practiced in corporations, hospitals, and living rooms around the world. It's flowing movement with changes that occur that are effortless, being a positive model for changes in life.